All Projects and Programs

The following is a short synthesis of projects and activities being created by the center: The CCEGL Board of Directors welcomes the submission of ideas for projects and activities that are compatible with the CCEGL vision. Workshops are scheduled and made available to groups upon request.


  1. Family Literacy Programs in Oakland, San Francisco and Berkeley (this is based on a model that has been carried out by organization members for the past 18 years. It is a well developed program that will be coordinated by the CCEGL Executive Director in a space provided by a community organization or a public school or independent school. Sessions integrate literacy development by focusing on the themes of food and nutrition, diversity and culture, urban sustainability and media literacy. Individual schools may request CEGL assistance in working with faculty and parents to create Family Literacy enter Programs at their sites. All programs include food, music and flowers.
  1. Journalism and Radio Broadcasting Program (Ruben Salazar Project) for middle school and high school students will be organized and facilitated by local journalists, commentators and engineers and provide young people with radio, writing  and broadcasting skills. This will be carried out at a local radio station, KPFA and other community broadcasting sites. KPFA already has a history of apprenticeships in radio. Outreach will be coordinated through principals and teachers in public schools and through community centers and church youth programs.
  1. better5After school programs to introduce middle and high school students to “green jobs.”  As there becomes a stronger national thrust towards a green economy, young people will need to learn the skills needed to reboot buildings. These skills include weatherizing, installing photo voltaics, solar hot water and wind generators and urban agriculture. Outreach will be done through collaborations with principals and teachers in local schools and through mini-presentations in classrooms.
  1. After school “Future Teachers Clubs” to introduce interested teens to the field of education. Students will become engaged in interactive teaching strategies and bilingual and other minority students will be encouraged to participate. Outreach will be done through collaborations with principals and teachers in local schools and through mini-presentations in classrooms.
  1. untitled-1-2Music, Singing and Early Literacy:  A community early literacy program for Spanish speaking children and families will integrate music and singing and will be housed at a community center in a Spanish speaking community of San Francisco or Oakland. The program will be led by popular Bay Area musicians, performers and educators who have worked with young people and families for many years and outreach will be done to families through  local public schools, churches and community centers.